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After being open for more than 8 years, Reid’s Nursery is now closing. From 9 am to 5 pm, Tuesday, July 12 to Sunday, July 24 (except for being closed on Monday, July 18), we will be selling products, plants, trees and shrubs at 20 percent off. In addition, gardening books, garden art, bird feeders and 2016 High Mowing organic seeds will be 50 percent off the regular price. This is a good time to not only get some wonderful trees and plants, it’s also a great opportunity to pick up soil amendments, fertilizer and more at excellent prices. The doors will close for good at 5 pm on Sunday, July 24.

We have a large selection of fruit trees and grapes; the varieties are listed on the Hays and Caldwell County Agrilife Extension office lists. There are many fruit trees available, including  Ayers, Moonglow and Keiffer pears; loquats; Celeste, Alma and Texas Everbearing figs; and “Wonderful” pomegranates as well as pineapple guava trees for evergreen beauty and fruit. In addition, we have the following low chill apples: Ein Shemer, Anna and Dorsett Gold. We also have Allred plums, with their beautiful dark red leaves. For the people who make their own wine, juice and jelly, there are Black Spanish, Blanc du Bois and Champanel grape plants–all are good for this area.

In shrubs, we have the lovely Abelia, Eleagnus, Gray Cotoneaster, Sandankwa Viburnum, Dwarf Yaupon Holly, Primrose Jasmine and Clara Hawthorne, all wonderful, sturdy evergreen bushes, excellent for providing privacy. In addition,  we have wisteria vines that will add romance and beauty to your outdoor spaces.

We carry many different types of trees, such as Black Locust, Lacey oaks, burr oaks, Mexican Sycamore, Texas Ash and Monterrey oaks for fast-growing shade, Retamas, Huisache and Goldenball lead trees for spring and summer flowering, along with southern wax myrtles, Possumhaw Holly, Texas Mountain Laurel, Bald Cypress, Montezuma cypress and others. We also have Greencloud sage, Nellie R. Stevens Holly and more.

Crape Myrtles

Crape Myrtles should be in everyone’s yard, in our opinion. They have long-lasting blooms, they thrive in our hot, sunny summers and, once established, are low water users. In the summer, they produce fragrant, colorful blooms that make people look twice. In the fall, the leaves turn yellow, red and orange. In the winter, the interesting-looking branches are lovely and elegant. Though Crape Myrtles aren’t a Texas native, they are a well-adapted tree for this area. Pollinators as well as people love them.

On the benches are herbs such as chile pequin, sweet marjoram, salad burnet, catnip, Italian basil, lemon catnip, lemon grass, rosemary (upright and trailing) and culinary sage. We also carry thyme, hyssop and other useful herbs. We grow many of our herbs and always maintain them with natural methods, using organic products.

For the butterfly lovers, we have many plants that attract butterflies. We carry butterfly bush as well as many different salvias and lantana plants, which are well-known butterfly magnets. Check back for the new and returning varieties of flowers, herbs and vines that we offer.

We carry many antique and modern roses that thrive in this area. Once established, they require minimal care and many will provide blooms from spring to frost. We have roses such as Peggy Martin (also known as the Katrina rose), Caldwell Pink, Old Blush (climber), Red Cascade (climber), Mutabilis and more. In addition to these wonderful roses, we added the following varieties: Eutin, Cramoisi Superieur, Marchessa Bocella, Cherokee, Penelope and Archduke Charles (a red China), with more varieties coming in the future. Most of these roses make outstanding large shrubs and hedges while some are also great in containers and others are climbers. Their beauty and intoxicating fragrance would enhance any landscape. Just a note: if you need a low-cost structure for your roses and vines to climb on, consider getting a cow panel at a local feed store or a ready-made lattice panel at a hardware store. They’re relatively inexpensive and ready to go. Don’t let lack of a trellis or fence keep you from the beauty of climbing plants!

In addition, check out our purple bearded irises, cacti, herbs, succulents, aloes, agaves, annual and perennial flowers and other native plants. Our customers say that they find things at our nursery that they don’t see anywhere else. We have more than 240 different varieties of plants, trees and shrubs, including the stunning and sturdy Texas Star Hibiscus.

In preparing the garden, there is Medina’s Hasta Gro, composted cotton burrs, fish emulsion, lava sand and Maxicrop’s seaweed to provide the necessary nutrients for a bountiful harvest. For large gardening projects, we have soil conditioner (an inexpensive and sustainable alternative to peat moss), 4 cubic ft. bags of vermiculite and 4 cubic ft. bags of perlite. 

At Reid’s Nursery, we use organic products and practices and recycle, compost and collect rainwater. We grow and maintain our plants in environmentally responsible ways. We also have gardening books, High Mowing certified organic seeds, garden art, bird feeders and much more.

Please call us with any questions at (512) 398-6011. Enjoy your garden!